Decision on MKS 180 is approaching – GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL submits final offer

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The Schleswig-Holstein shipyard GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL (GNYK) submitted the final offer for the construction of the multi-purpose warship MKS 180 on 18 July. Together with its cooperation partner thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, the company is competing for the largest naval contract in the history of Bundeswehr. GNYK is the only remaining German general contractor in the European competition of the German Ministry of Defense.

Jörg Herwig, Managing Director of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL, said: “By submitting our offer, we have done everything in our power to obtain this contract for Germany. Should we win the contract, not only we as a shipyard, but hundreds of small and medium-sized companies throughout Germany will benefit from the project. It is decisive that we as German shipyard receive orders from our own government. This is the only way we can become less dependent on exports.”

The construction of MKS 180 could provide a major impetus for German naval shipbuilding. “This is vital for the innovative strength of the entire industry. Furthermore thousands of jobs could be preserved permanently. With the construction of MKS 180, we as German shipbuilding companies have the opportunity to maintain our technological leadership in international competition,” said Herwig

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