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Two shipyards – one team: 49 employees of the sister shipyards NOBISKRUG and GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL successfully participated on June 5th, 2019 at the Business.Run in Kiel. While the air temperature exceeded 23° degrees Celcius, the mixed team reached second place in the group ranking with a total running time of 01:04:29.

Apart from the fun the German shipyard group took advantage of the Business.Run for a special action which put in the focus the team spirit and solidarity that shipbuilding requires. A group of six apprentices, journeymen and management started the race together wearing typical shipyard clothes –safety shoes and helmet – just to finish the 4.5 km together as a group with a balanced and coordinated race pace.

“At first I had to smile a little bit about the idea, but afterwards I can say that it was a great experience. We didn’t set a time limit in advance – it was more important for us to act as one team and thus also pull the weaker ones along. We managed that very well”, Marvin Schmidt, apprentice at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL, comments enthusiastically on the joint run and adds: “Just like in our daily work at the shipyard, we achieved our goal through good teamwork! This achievement was rewarded by the organizers with a special prize for the “best costume”.

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