On the quest of electromagnetic invisibility

When illuminated by and Electromagnetic Wave (EW), a metallic body will scatter the EW in more or less every direction which is usually not desired. For example, backscattering (or reflexion) can cause antenna blockage and forward scattering causes shadow zones.

V/UHF Omnidirectional broad band metamaterial antenna

PRIVINVEST designs and builds a wide range of heavily armed surface combatants for a wide spectrum of operations from the littorals to open seas as stand-alone platforms or parts of networked task force.

Broadband electromagnetic radar absorbers

Modern military ships are nowadays heavily equipped with antennas and radars dedicated to communication and combat systems. As a result, the arrangement and positioning of antennas and radars are difficult from an Electromagnetic Waves (EW) propagation point of view.

Automated Aluminum Fabrication

PRIVINVEST is partnering with a renowned Germany builder to help analyze the transfer of advanced automated and robotic aluminum hull construction techniques.


The successful launch of the PRIVINVEST WP18 Advanced Interceptor vessel certainly set a new benchmark for what is possible in the high speed interceptor market.

CFD Aero and Hydro Software

Bespoke CFD software has been developed specifically for high speed applications in which aero simulations can be run in tandem to hydro. The benefits of this are numerous and PRIVINVEST is heading this innovation within the high speed market.

Large Modular Composite Structures

Currently the use of large composite structures on vessels is limited to a few large naval development programs as well as limited innovations made by the private sector.