Automated Aluminum Fabrication


PRIVINVEST is partnering with a renowned Germany builder to help analyze the transfer of advanced automated and robotic aluminum hull construction techniques.

A developmental program will demonstrate the benefits of such a fabrication system as well as production efficiencies and very high tolerance levels. The aim is to develop an aluminum-fashioned hull capable of the same – or even superior- tolerances as a fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) hull.

These hulls are to be built using a pre-stiffened system, in which the panels are CNC-cut and CNC-formed to their designed shapes and then positioned onto each vessel’s ‘chassis’. Using a base jig set to exceptionally high tolerances, the panels’ seams are then robotically welded in perfect symmetry to eradicate warping. The final product is a hull with perfect geometry, which is vital in high-speed applications.

Metallic adhesives are also incorporated to position internal structure prior to welding.