Large Modular Composite Structures

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Currently the use of large composite structures on vessels is limited to a few large naval development programs as well as limited innovations made by the private sector.

Such a limited usage of this technology in the marine sector is rather synonymous with the trend of the marine sector lagging significantly behind technologies commonly found in the aerospace and automotive markets.

Rather than submit to this downward spiral Privinvest have over the last 10 years pioneered numerous programs involving highly advanced composite manufacturing, especially for large structures.

Such endeavors have enabled Privinvest to patent solutions for their engineering processes such as the unique DnV approved bounding system for composite to steel foundation interfaces.

Advancements are being constantly made in metallic bonding systems, fire retardant resins matrixes, and insulation systems to support our composites solutions as an industry standard.

At present Privinvest have designed and built what is believed to be the largest composite superstructure ever made and continue to improve the usability, practicality, and cost reduction in using such systems in the marine sector.

New programs are underway which involve multi-faceted morphing mold techniques to greatly improve the usability of high cost molds for more than one purpose. We are also spearheading the use of stealth technologies within our composite manufacturing processes to greatly reduce radar reflection.

Furthermore, Privinvest have several naval programs in which their modular composite structures are being engineered as replacements to traditional methods and materials, as well as examining the use of robotic lamination systems to automate our large panel laminations.