V/UHF Omnidirectional broad band metamaterial antenna

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V/UHF Omnidirectional broad band metamaterial antenna

PRIVINVEST designs and builds a wide range of heavily armed surface combatants for a wide spectrum of operations from the littorals to open seas as stand-alone platforms or parts of networked task force. For this reason, these surface combatants are equipped with multiple communications’ systems operating over a wide frequency band and at different powers.

Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility are a major concern in the development phases of a project and these are more critical in the V / UHF frequency band and are due to the number of antennas.

To reduce interference, optimize system integration and ensure smooth operation, CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie), a company of PRIVINVEST, is developing an omnidirectional metamaterial antenna (in the horizontal plane).

The objectives of this Research & Development Program are to reduce the number of antennas and to provide radio frequency transmissions in the broad band 100 MHz – 500 MHz.

The figures below represent the single antenna, the V/UHF wideband antennas network covered by radomes and the realized gain in the horizontal plane at 120 MHz.


V/UHF metamaterial antenna

V/UHF omnidirectional network antenna

Realized gain in the horizontal plane at 120 MHz.