The successful launch of our WP18 Advanced Interceptor vessel  certainly set a new benchmark for what’s possible in the high speed interceptor market.  The innovations engineered into this platform enabled it to obtain various accolades, such as the fastest military vessel in service at this time, one of the highest levels of armament integrations ever found on a vessel of its size, a vessel capable of running in adverse sea states at high speeds whilst maintaining unparalleled levels of comfort for the crew.

Privinvest did not wish to stop there and have reengineered some of the facets of the WP18 for their next generation build using innovations from within the group.  The vessel might look identical but the entire structure has been fully class approved for speeds up to 70 knots making it the fastest vessel of its class to obtain such a classification.  In addition hull lines have been subtly changed to improve acceleration and deflection of bow spray.  A four point deck eye lifting system is now incorporated to facilitate launching and retrieval.  The engine compartment can house three options of engines based on client’s requirements.

Bespoke Privinvest CFD software has been developed to significantly add efficiencies to the WP18.   From these studies both aero and hydro drag and lift coefficients have been optimized.  Such optimizations using our CFD tools have focused on hull steps, propeller positioning, and other innovative hull features.

The vessel’s low profile and use of radar reflective technologies offers stealthiness no other boat of its class can duplicate.