Sustainable Concept for LINDENAU Shipyard

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Traditional shipyard offers its infrastructure for repair and maintenance services for commercial shipping

Course set for the future: LINDENAU Werft GmbH offers its infrastructure for the commercial shipping since 1st June 2019. At the same time LINDENAU coordinates necessary services. For this purpose the 480 m long outfitting pier will be operating. Also further halls, office areas and outer areas will be on lease beneath the already existent contracts to maritime companies. The aim is to create synergies offering passenger-, government and commercial vessels a comprehensive and quick service.
“The direct location of the necessary trades or services is saving the customer expensive inquiries and prevents long and expensive berthing times”, Frank Hildebrandt, Manager Operations at LINDENAU Yard summarizes the advantages of the new site direction. He himself was involved in the development of the concept; being the Manager Operations for years he knows the needs and customer requirements. Furthermore he is well networked. “Even after we had already shut down works at LINDENAU we still received inquiries. This convinced us during the conception phase that there is a high demand for a functioning outfitting pier in direct location at the entrance of the Kiel-Canal”, Hildebrandt is adding. Also the sister shipyards can rely on existent berthing places at LINDENAU if needed.

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